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For the little anecdote, the foosball table Stella Champion of nineteen twenty eight (1928) already had players able to block the ball with the head. It also had sidebands inclined in order to realize the lobes. This two design features have since become true traditions at Stella. It was in nineteen forty eight (1948) that the model Champion knows the height of its success. Today considered like a retro foosball table (this nickname is also become its official name) it remains absolutely identical to the current foosball table Stella Champion. There are the irreplaceable chromed steel telescopic rods, the famous combination of yellow and red colors to the delight of purists and the vertical legs with floor protector. Its marketing ends in nineteen fifty-nine (1959) when he was replaced by his more modern version, the current model Champion. The main development comes from the box now on in « the shape of boat ». In nineteen seventy –one (1971) Stella settles his production at OyePlage in the North of France, then at Tourcoing in nineteen ninety-five (1995).

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Stella, a success story… It is on the eve of the Second World War that Mister Auguste Sarrault, the first president of the French Confederacy of the automatic, imagines his very first football table. Already causing many skills and counter games, Mister August reached the summit of his art by imagining a mythical foosball table which will remain forever memorized by the players as the generation’s progress. His name: The foosball table Stella Champion.



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